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14 Feb

ETP in the Press – Operations Management Automation 2017

Are you ready to take advantage and realise the benefits?

ETP is a management consultancy that specialises in helping companies improve business performance by identifying areas of improvement, through business case, design and implementation of new ways of working that leverage best practice standards and supporting technology.

ETP directors are globally recognised as experts in manufacturing operations management (MOM) process automation. ISA-95 is the globally recognised standard for MOM process automation and has been undergoing a major revision over the past few years, which will enable manufacturing, mining and oil and gas companies to drive significant business performance improvements.

In the January/February 2017 issue of InTech Magazine, ETP Director and Manufacturing Intelligence CTO Bill Poole authored an article Advancements in ISA-95 detailing the improvements being released in the 2017 revision.

MOM automation delivers value through effectiveness. It is about optimising the value chain through making optimal use of all materials, equipment and personnel. This is complementary to machine automation, which aims do execute processes more efficiently from point A to point B. There is little to be gained however, in efficiently executing a process from point A to point B if the ultimate destination is actually point C. This is where MOM process automation delivers significant value.

If you are looking for ways to lower production costs, reduce working capital and improve throughput through optimising your value chain, then ISA-95 may present a fast track option for realising productivity.

With Australian based global thought leaders and a wide international partner network of ISA experts, ETP is uniquely positioned to help you take advantage of this opportunity to improve business performance.

If you’d like help in quantifying the business value of implementing MOM process automation or have any enquiries about ISA-95 and how it may improve your business contact us

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