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Our Services

Our services are targeted towards identifying opportunities for improving the performance of your business, achieved through changing the way your business operates and utilising technology to automate and enable this improved way of working. With unique expertise in advanced operations management concepts we specialise in lowering operating costs of any company with a physical goods value chain, including but not limited to Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Mining, Agriculture and Transport and Logistics industries.

  • Value Chain Diagnostics

    Do you have the desire to improve the performance of your value chain? Leverage our experience in identifying and quantifying areas of opportunity in your value chain that support your value chain optimisation strategy.

    Through a targeted series of workshops and analysis of your data, ETP will identify where there are opportunities to improve the performance of your value chain. This involves identifying opportunities to increase throughput, reduce unit costs and/or reduce working capital by limiting unnecessary waste in the supply chain, examples of which are:

    • Wasted/scrapped materials
    • Underutilised equipment
    • Rework
    • Buffer inventories that are larger than necessary

    ETP will work with your team to identify the root causes of each of the identified sources of waste in your value chain and propose cost-effective ways to resolve the identified issues.

  • Project Portfolio Services

    Effective project portfolio management ensures the right projects are done in a prioritised sequence to maximise the return on investment and realise your strategy. It provides the executive sponsors with the powerful lever of value rather than the more typical management levers of schedule and budget. This is an especially helpful decision management tool when sponsoring technical projects and ensures effective use of your company’s available capital.

    Where there is an existing portfolio of planned and/or in-flight projects, ETP is able to work with your team to analyse your project portfolio to:

    • Ensure projects are realising the business strategy
    • Ensure every project has a clear and compelling business case
    • Prioritise projects to maximise portfolio value
    • Ensure project benefits are not double-counted between projects
    • Improve management’s visibility of the project portfolio, reporting expected and measured benefits
    • Identify and resolve any duplication of scope and unnecessary rework between projects
    • Rationalise scope overlaps between projects to optimise overall portfolio delivery
    • Understand and manage project interdependencies
    • Identify opportunities to achieve project objectives with less effort, cost and risk, whilst improving delivered benefits.

  • Business Case Development

    Do you need help in developing a compelling business case for a planned initiative?

    ETP has developed a strong capability in being able to develop business cases and quantify all areas of value that can be quantified. A robust and reliable business case is a critical factor in not only securing project funding but in fostering executive sponsorship support throughout the project lifecycle. ETP can provide services to support business case development in terms of identifying the benefits, costs and risks for work to be undertaken. We are also able to make recommendations for adjusting the project objectives and scope to make the business case more compelling.

  • Technology Selection

    Ensure your technology selection is the right fit for delivering upon your business and technology strategy. Do you need assistance to make a significant technology selection?

    ETP has experienced professionals who can help you design, plan and run your technology selection process to achieve the optimal outcome. ETP also has significant experience in product selection and understands the pitfalls that can lead to risky investment choices. We can assist with developing requirements and selection criteria, through to evaluation of products via product demonstration techniques that will highlight any potential technology shortcomings.

  • Business/IT Strategy

    Enabling technology (IT & OT) innovation to best deliver upon and inform the business strategy is critical to securing the greatest return on investment, and gain or sustain competitive advantage.

    We believe a good strategy clearly identifies the long-term objectives of your business and the roadmap of work needed to realise those objectives. Strategy is about thinking holistically about your business in terms of where it needs to be in the long term to compete effectively and seize market opportunities.

    Having an integrated business and IT strategy is essential to ensuring IT investments realise business benefits and support business objectives. This may be achieved by formulating both business and IT components of your strategy in unison, or alternatively developing the business strategy first and then refining the business strategy as part of developing the IT strategy to seize any technology-enabled business opportunities.

  • Business Improvement Projects

    Effecting transformational step change improvement requires a fit for purpose methodology and approach. ETP has expertise in identifying and applying the fit for purpose methodologies to your business improvement projects to yield the greatest results.

    A business improvement project may range from a small to medium-scale individual project, or a large-scale programme of work. ETP will work with your team to:

    • Define the high-level scope, project approach, team structure and business case
    • Elicit business and technology requirements
    • Design the solution to be delivered, including the business and technology components
    • Assist in selecting technology products and vendors
    • Formulate a detailed plan for implementation and detailed business case
    • Assist in overseeing implementation, managing scope and ensuring vendors deliver upon the agreed scope

    ETP can assist with any or all of the above aspects of a business improvement project or programme.

  • ISA-95 Serviecs

    Leverage the best practice thinking and concepts from over twenty years of manufacturing industry focus to reduce your operating costs and advance your maturity towards a system-optimised value chain. With two ISA-95 voting members that have driven major enhancements in the standard over the past three years, ETP are well placed to support your ISA-95 needs, which may include:

    • ISA-95 education and knowledge transfer
    • Gap analysis and roadmap to ISA-95 alignment
    • Writing technical specifications for software development teams or software vendors to deliver against
    • Supporting submissions to improve the standard on behalf of our customers