Enterprise Transformation Partners

Enterprise Transformation Partners

We believe that changing the way your business operates, sometimes to a fundamentally changed and improved way of operating, needs to be planned and managed to ensure continuity of operations and embedment of change. This requires a constant focus on delivering the short term, whilst never losing sight of the longer-term objectives

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About ETP

Enterprise Transformation Partners (ETP) is of the view that technology is an ever-increasing source of competitive advantage, whilst also recognising the significant challenges in delivering technology successfully. All too often, technology merely automates the current way of working, enabling new ways of working needed for your business to thrive.

This is the differentiator that ETP believes is key to unlocking latent performance from your business. We actively identify the best standards that support advanced operating models and work with those standards organisations to enhance them where there is benefit in doing so. We are well-recognised thought leaders and implementers of advanced operations management concepts and supporting technologies.

Our services are targeted towards identifying opportunities for improving the performance of your business, achieved through changing the way your business operates and utilising technology to automate and enable this improved way of working.

With unique expertise in advanced operations management concepts we specialise in lowering operating costs of any company with a physical goods value chain, including but not limited to Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Mining, Agriculture, Transport and Logistics. Contact us to find out more.

Our Services

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Our Areas of Focus

Operations Management

Operations management coordinates the use of all material, equipment and personnel to effect optimal value chain performance. The commonly referenced Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle (PDCA) is a core concept that underpins best practice operations management.

The ultimate goal is optimal value chain performance, realised through optimal endto-end scheduling and consistently executing the optimal schedule. Process automation across the operations management functions is a means to high performance operations. Reliable and timely data collection from source is a critical enabler in being able to optimise your value chain and as such is a key factor in the maturity of your operations management capability.

Operations management improvements can yield a significant return on investment, as the cost to design and implement operations management concepts is much lower than that of implementing more equipment such as autonomous vehicles or expanding the capacity of your value chain by implementing more physical infrastructure.

ETP has experience and expertise in all facets required to improve your operations management capability further up the maturity curve towards a system-optimised value chain.

Systems Integration and IT/OT Integration

System to system integration done well is about ensuring data is reliably exchanged between applications in near real time, delivering measurable business value through improved data quality and timeliness. ETP has extensive experience and expertise in ensuring the integration components are architected, designed, built and monitored.

Both IT/OT integration and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are a means to an end in terms of enabling reliable, event based data to flow from source (OT) through to systems (IT) that use that information to make optimisation decisions. Removing time delays in information flows and unreliable integration methods enables a greater span of available opportunities to reschedule (re-optimise). ETP has successfully designed and implemented elements of IIoT into operations and delivered real and significant business outcomes by feeding this information to the systems and people that can use the information to make optimisation decisions.

Furthermore, IIoT is about IT/ OT convergence and leveraging IT advancements in the OT world. IIoT is about sophisticated device availability with cost effective solutions and providing a holistic approach to integrating these devices into the rest of your IT environment.

Plan, do, check, act

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